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We are CDC IT Services . Is known as "Cyber Dynamics Core IT Services ". We are one of the UK's leading complete web development, Blockchain Development, and 360 Digital Marketing companies. We design intelligent, cost-effective and intuitive web applications, desktop applications and mobile apps that help streamline processes for businesses as well as create new revenue streams for start-ups and established businesses alike. We've been in web development & Digital marketing business since 2009. CDC IT Services have become trusted partners through delivering development services with brands.

We are based in London with different branches at worldwide locations. We mainly focuses on the development of websites with all security, responsibility and prior results. We utilize the advanced and latest technology in the system which gives certainty of the anticipated result on the business of the client. We hold dignity by following integrity, a great work ethic and the most important the end-result. The company is trading in the market from the last 10 years and from that there is 2 are a limited company and moreover, we have a parent company which is named behind NYC Experts Services LLC.

Additionally, the team of experienced developers, designers, has so much potential to create remarkable, unique and has proven by creating award-winning Web designs in multiple verticals. In this way, we provide a leading-edge as well as exponential growth to our clients which is suitable as per the continuously changing market.

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The Best Conversion Technology Right at Your Fingertips.

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You’ll have full access to heatmaps, visitor session recordings, and conversion funnel analytics. We make sure you get the most out of every lead.

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The Best Conversion Technology Right at Your Fingertips.

Our Conversion
Growth Technology

You’ll have full access to heatmaps, visitor session recordings, and conversion funnel analytics. We make sure you get the most out of every lead.

Our Core Values

Our Marketing Approch

The edge you need to beat out your competitors. Leverage our technology to make better decisions faster, increase sales, improve lead management, boost conversion, and grow your online reputation.

What can we say? Innovation is in our DNA.

Lets Talk About Technology

Proprietary Pace Methodology

The Smart Digital

The world of Internet marketing is fast-paced, dynamic, and confusing. PACE is a digital marketing framework from Smart 360 Digital Marketing that delivers measurable results.

There isn’t an easier, more reliable way to build a successful online marketing program.

  • Plan & Promote

    Crack the Code: Use analytics to understand your marketing strengths and weaknesses.

    Generate more traffic, leads and sales.

    Know the Competition: Benchmark and learn from competitor successes in relation to your business.

    Identify gaps and opportunities for growth.

  • Act & Analyze

    Strategic Action: Use Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Automation, Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, and Online PR to drive traffic to your site.

    Track and measure each digital marketing activity to maximize ROI.

    Optimization: Launch, test, measure, and improve campaigns based on benchmark KPIs and revenue goals.

  • Convert

    High-Value Traffic: Convert site traffic into leads and sales by improving the user experience. Calls to action, site structure, rapid speed, and valuable media such as videos and images increase and enhance user interactions.

    Conversion Technology: Leverage screen recordings, heatmaps, funnel analysis, polls, and live chat to optimize the user experience.

  • Engage

    Personalize: Leverage existing clients for custom upsell opportunities.

    Nurture: Create automation workflows to keep future opportunities at the forefront of your buyers’ mind.

    Increase the lifetime value of each customer.

Mission, Vision //

Our Mission, Vision

Our Mission & Vision

We are committed to full transparency and integrity, so our clients always know exactly what they are paying for and have access to their results. Our team is dedicated to excellence and understands the importance of being innovative, which means we can provide our clients the edge they need to beat their competitors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create tailored-fit solutions for the businesses by unlocking the power of digitally-driven services with a tangible impact on the revenues of our clients every month and every year. Our goal is to build a platform of SEO and SMM solutions to penetrate every corner of the world.

Our Vision

We Strive to help companies prosper online with our industry-leading experts, proprietary technology, and cutting-edge strategies.

Also Help clients create meaningful relationships with their audience and build better brands through connected digital experiences.



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