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Motion Graphic

From creating your company's enterprise application, to the development of software routine, to the online digital marketing and advertising of your brand, to the installation and deployment of safety measures for your business, CDC IT Services covers it all!

Brand Video//

Brand video

We make your brand look good and memorable with visually stunning Videos. CDCIT services is one of the best Video-makers, with a team of highly creative, skilled and practiced video makers. We have a sound understanding of the marketing & advertising industry and have helped many reputed brands in taking their businesses to next level through our enthralling corporate videos.

Instructional video

Instructional videos are designed to improve an employee’s workplace skills. Companies often create online Instructional videos to cover interpersonal topics, such as compliance and harassment training, or job-related topics, such as hardware and software training. Instructional videos often use footage of real people to connect the trainer and trainee.

Explainer video

Explainer videos are brief movies (commonly less than a minute) that specify a commercial enterprise concept or product in an enjoyable, visible manner. they normally use basic animations to give an explanation for a larger topic, product, or service. Explainer videos simplify complex ideas through entertaining animated content.

Animation video

Sometimes words can't completely express what you want to convey, but videos can. The most efficient way to make someone understand you is by showing them instead of leaving the work to their imagination. At CDC IT, our extremely creative minds understands the audience and conveys your word to them through animation by connecting the dots between what they need and what you have.

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